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Policies and consent forms

This may not be a fun topic, but it’s a necessary one. You must have every single client who walks through your door sign consent forms. Here’s a list of current forms and policies I have in place... Client intake- this is a basic form that allows you to assess your clients lashes and check for any contraindications. Client consent- this gives a informed consent for you to work on their lashes Photo consent- if you would like to take pics for social media, you need this form! Covid release- this is a must at this time! Policy acknowledgment- don’t skip this one! Write out your policies and have every new client sign a copy! Even if you have your...

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Why do you need fills

Why is it important to keep up on your fills?Our lashes are continuously falling out and fresh lashes are growing in. Everybody has a different growth rate. Some people have a slower growth cycle. Therefore, their lashes take longer to shed. These people may be able to stretch their fills out a little bit longer then those who have a rapid shed/growth cycle. This is why you CAN NOT compare how often you need fills to how often your friend may need a fill.There are 3 stages of growth. Lash artists have to be careful to only lash those lashes that have grown in enough to safely be lashed. Once that lash reaches a safe length, it will be lashed....

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Are you retailing to your clients?

When I was in esthetics school I always sold the most retail then other students. No I wasn’t getting a commission. No I wasn’t getting paid. No I had no obligation to sell products. I just love talking about skincare. I was excited about new products in the student spa. I would discuss the latest serum to my clients. I wasn’t trying to sell anything. They were there wanting to take care of their skin and I was knowledgeable on the products that could help them. That’s what I want you to remind yourself. Our clients are coming to us as professionals and they WANT our guidance and expertise. They want us to sell them products. If you’re not helping...

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