Are you retailing to your clients?

When I was in esthetics school I always sold the most retail then other students. No I wasn’t getting a commission. No I wasn’t getting paid. No I had no obligation to sell products. I just love talking about skincare. I was excited about new products in the student spa. I would discuss the latest serum to my clients. I wasn’t trying to sell anything. They were there wanting to take care of their skin and I was knowledgeable on the products that could help them. That’s what I want you to remind yourself. Our clients are coming to us as professionals and they WANT our guidance and expertise. They want us to sell them products. If you’re not helping your clients by suggesting ways to take care of their skin and lashes at home then your not doing your job as a professional skincare expert or lash artist. You need to be retailing to your clients for their benefit. Once you think of it as you sharing with them and educating them then it wont be so hard. As a beauty professional, part of our job is retailing. This is a steam of revenue that you don’t want to leave out of your business. 


Don’t think of it as selling. I talk to my clients just like I do with my girlfriends about the products they must have. I love talking skincare and lashes and you should too. We are the leaders and we need to lead our clients. If you are doing a facial and your client has specific skin concerns and you have a product that targets that concern then you should be 100% selling that client that product. They will get the results they are looking for and trust you in your future recommendations. Suggesting skincare that your clients need should be done 100% of the time.


As a lash artist you have the opportunity to sell lash shampoo and lash serums. Some lash suppliers even have a whole skincare line that is safe to use with lashes. Are you carrying some of these products? For example, if your client wants to be able to get fuller sets or perhaps go up in length then they would benefit from a serum. How are your clients cleansing their lashes? Ask them. Tell them they need to be using a product that is specifically made for lashes.

We now have lash serum wholesale bundles on the website. Wether you are a lash artist, esthetician, nail tech or hairdresser you can easily sell lash serums. This is just one example of things that you should have on hand to talk about and sell your clients. Clients will be happy and you boost your income. It’s a win win ❤️