How to gain a full clientele

You went to school, did all the proper certification and now you need to get clients. I’m going to share the top 5 things I did to fill my books.

#1 Make a business social media account. Have a clear bio with what you do and where you’re located.  Do not use your personal account for your lash business. Post, make sure you add location and use proper hashtags. 

Post- Post as much as you can. Be consistent. Learn how to take good lash pics and post them!! Post about lash topics. How to clean your lashes, aftercare rules, retention, post pics of your set up, client testimonials. Make a list of all the topics you can cover as a lash artist and post them! This is how you will build credibility. Ask clients to post a selfie and tag you in it. Give them a small discount on their next service if you have to  

Hashtags- This is where I see a lot of lash artists go wrong. Stop thinking as a lash artists and think like a client. Your potential client isn’t likely searching #lashtipsandtricks #lashbabe #lashesonfleek. You aren’t trying to get lash artists to follow you. You are trying to get potential clients to follow you. What would these clients be looking for on Instagram? For example I live in Gilbert and I want to target mom’s. I would use hashtags like #gilbertlashartist #arizonalashartists #gilbertmoms #gilbertwomen #arizonamom. See the difference? 


#2 Make business cards and keep a handful on you at all times. I love Canva for this. Talking to strangers may not be in your comfort zone but it is 100% necessary! Hand out a card every time you leave the house. Waitresses, gyms, tanning salons. You see someone with lash extensions, give them your card! I would go out with my husband and compliment the bartender on her eyes then I would give her a card. Get comfortable talking to people about what you do.  Leave cards in places that women frequent. Basically, I want you to shower your city with your business cards!!!


#3 Get social. Remember what I said about hashtags? I also want you to follow hashtags that you think women in your area are following. Go on those posts and comment! Lure people to your account. Make sure you're using your business account for this. Join local groups on Facebook. I joined a moms group for my development and I offered a discount on full sets to the women in that group. There are so many groups on facebook that are full of women in your exact area. Introduce yourself and tell these women what you do. Offer a special limited time discount. 


#4 Do a referral program! I offered a $20 discount on my clients next service if they sent a friend to me. Give them a few business cards. I would also offer a free fill if they sent 3 new clients my way. This worked very well for me. You don’t want to give the whole world away but you do want to make the incentive enticing enough for them to want it.


#5 Do a giveaway on your social media. This will bring attention to your account. I suggest having 3 winners. First place gets a free full set. Second place gets 50% off a full set and third get 25% off. You not only have three potential lifelong clients, but you likely brought attention to your business. Those three people will be walking around wearing your lashes. They’re walking advertisement. Give them cards!!!!!


Put these tips into action and watch those books fill up fast 😎