Policies and consent forms

This may not be a fun topic, but it’s a necessary one.

You must have every single client who walks through your door sign consent forms. Here’s a list of current forms and policies I have in place...

Client intake- this is a basic form that allows you to assess your clients lashes and check for any contraindications.

Client consent- this gives a informed consent for you to work on their lashes

Photo consent- if you would like to take pics for social media, you need this form!

Covid release- this is a must at this time!

Policy acknowledgment- don’t skip this one! Write out your policies and have every new client sign a copy! Even if you have your policies clearly stated on your booking site, you need a signed copy of acknowledgment. There will come a time when you will need to address a client who claims to not know about cancellation or late policies. Get your policies signed!!! Here’s a few examples of policies you should consider including. 

Late policy

Refund policy

Late arrival policy


Extra guests brought to appointments 

Aftercare enforcement 

Cell phone use

Lash Allergy and reaction acknowledgment-This is one that most lash artists miss. There will likely come a time in your lash career when you will have a client experience some kind of reaction to their extensions. If you are not educated on the lash allergy then I highly recommend you refer to my allergy 101 blog. You want to be knowledgeable on this topic and be prepared. You need to educate every single client about this possibility.

*Disclaimer* if you would like to make sure you are 100% covered with these or your own forms, you need to see a local attorney. Each state has their own laws regarding the lash indu