Why do you need fills

Why is it important to keep up on your fills?

Our lashes are continuously falling out and fresh lashes are growing in. Everybody has a different growth rate. Some people have a slower growth cycle. Therefore, their lashes take longer to shed. These people may be able to stretch their fills out a little bit longer then those who have a rapid shed/growth cycle. This is why you CAN NOT compare how often you need fills to how often your friend may need a fill.

There are 3 stages of growth. Lash artists have to be careful to only lash those lashes that have grown in enough to safely be lashed. Once that lash reaches a safe length, it will be lashed. Our goal as lash professionals is to keep an extension on that lash until the lash naturally sheds and a new baby is born. Again, this cycle happens at different speeds for each client.

Why is this information important for clients to understand?
Do not compare how often you need fills to others.
Do not pick at your lashes. If you pull out a lash that isn’t ready to shed naturally a new lash isn’t going to grow until it is time. This means that your lash artist will not have a lash to place an extension on for a while 😔. If you continuously pull out lashes that aren’t ready to fall out naturally, your lashes will stop growing!!! This is when permanent damage takes place. Keep your hands off those lashes ladies!!
Do you want to get those new babies longer faster? Use a growth serum that is safe to use with your extensions. This will not only stimulate new growth to happen at a faster rate, but it will also make existing lashes stronger. This allows your lash artist to place a longer/thicker lash extension.
Do your part by keeping those lashes clean!

At your fill appointment we not only place fresh lashes on the grown out babies, we also safely peel off grown out extensions and place it with a fresh one.