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The Lash Allergy

The modern day plague of the lash industry. The dreaded lash allergy.  I have become slightly obsessed with this subject. I enjoyed having lash extensions for a couple years. Then one day, out of nowhere, I became allergic. I did all the things to try and keep my lashes. We will go over all these “things” that have been rumored to help later. Let me start off by answering a few general questions   What does the lash allergy look like? There will be some degree of the following... swelling of the eyelids dry and flaky skin on eyelids itchiness irritation How long does it take for symptoms to appear? generally 12-24 hours. For me personally it was always the...

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How to read volume diameters 🤓

So you took your classic course and learned all about isolation, safety, natural eyelash health, how to map, how to do infills, adhesive and the list goes on and on!!!!! Then you get your well deserved certificate of training and practice your booty off only to be disappointed to find out that you can’t quite get the fullness your clients desire with classics and you’re having a hard time growing your lash business because you aren’t certified in volume. Well let me let you in on a little secret, you already did the hard part and now you can use our prefanned lashes to jump right into volume or even mega volume without paying $$$ for additional training. You simply need...

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