Pregame No Rinse Cleanser

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Pregame No Rinse Cleanser

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We all know that starting with clean lashes is key to successful retention. This innovative formula absorbs oils and proteins to prep the natural lashes and/or remaining lash extensions for professional services. The beauty of Pregame is that it does NOT need to rinsed. Now you can cleanse your clients lashes without the fuss of a foam cleanser that needs to be rinsed.

Pregame also makes a great retail product. Although we recommend a daily good foam cleanse with a cleansing brush, Pregame is perfect for clients to have on hand to freshen up their lashes on the go. This product is great to retail to those clients who live in the gym or pool. Clients can now clean their lashes on the go with no need to rinse. 

How to use:

Spray Pregame on our lint free cloth and wipe across lash line and then wipe lashes in a downward motion. Allow to dry before starting lash service. We like to use a handheld fan to dry lashes and fluff them up. 

To cleanse on the go, spray Pragame on a silicone lash brush and brush through lashes.